GrannyyyCast Now Available For Download

The first Grannyyy Podcast can now be listened to or downloaded from here. Be sure to give us your feedback and keep checking back for our next podcast!


Grannyyy Podcast

The first Grannyyy podcast has just been recorded. Check back later for more information and clinks to lick.


Grannyyycon RSVP


I just added an RSVP list to this tumblr. It is necessary that you reserve your spot in the Nursing Home as soon as possible. Genevieve can only have 20 people staying with her during Grannyyycon, so in order to ensure it is first come first serve I created the RSVP. Details are located on that page.


Grannyyy Zombie Apocalypse

I have finally posted the first chapter on the Grannyyypocalypse Tumblr. I will be working on the second chapter tonight and will hopefully have it up tomorrow :) Sorry for the lateness, I have had lots of other things going on. Also, I am easily distracted. 

Here is the link for the Tumblr:

It is no longer password protected so you may now follow it if you wish to.


Grannyyy Secret Santa 2011 - HOP #1

Tomorrow, we will be having the first HOP for the Grannyyy Secret Santa. Here’s the schedule:

Addy Hall 7:00:00

Hallie Thoopy 7:10:00

Hayley Thomson 7:20:00

James Schwarz 7:30:00

Katherine Partin 7:40:00

Kathy Kavanaugh 7:50:00

Mary Akemon 8:00:00

Mary Brownlee 8:10:00

Melissa Fife 8:20:00

Memphis Vinny 8:30:00

Riley Walker 8:40:00

Sama Askari 8:50:00

Patrick Scaggs 9:00:00

Saul Perez III 9:10:00

Ruth Day 9:20:00


GRANNYYY Movie Club: Fight Club

Very late notice, but we will be watching our first movie for the movie club today around 5PM CST. Today’s movie is Fight Club. If you are interested in attending let me (Kimber) know so I can add you to the group skype call. Sorry for the last minute announcement. 



Hey GRANNYYY. I am writing a GRANNYYY fanfiction that takes place during the Zombie Apocalypse. This is inspired by the 8 hour conversation that took place both or Twitter and the Hangout last night. I want to write in as many members as characters as possible as write them as accurately as possible. Please fill out this survey I created to help me do this. Thanks so much! :)


Grannyyy Secret Santa 2011

If you haven’t heard already, we are having a Secret Santa for Grannyyy these holidays and we are inviting everyone to join in.

We are utilizing the site “Elfster” which allows us to draw names digitally and keep contact information private and only allows the “Secret Santa” to contact their chosen person.

Also, if you would like to set up a wishlist of items to help out your “Santa” with getting to know what you would like, that option is also available.

Just click on the link and sign up. 

We are drawing names on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011, at 12pm EST. We suggest you sign up soon if you would like to participate and enjoy the Holidays with Grannyyy.

THE Privacy settings have been set to the Following:

  • Only allow members to send anonymous questions to the person they drew in the gift exchange
  • Only allow members to view the contact information for the person they drew in the gift exchange
  • Do not send birthday alerts to group members